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Welcome to the contactpage of JuCad.store. On this page you will find a contact form on the right. Please fill this out if you have questions for us or call us. On weekdays we will reply within 24 hours. Below you will also find the most asked questions regarding the products we sell. If you have questions regarding products or need extra information please look at these FAQ's first. If the answer to your question isn't in there then don't hasitate to contact us and we will help you.

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1 Questions regarding trolleys
1.1 Warrenty

All JuCad and JuStar trolleys come standard with a warrenty of 5 years on the frame and 2 years on the electronic including the Battery. On golfbags, accessoires and other products we give 2 years warrenty.

1.2 Which trolley is the lightest?

If you look at the materials that JuCad uses for their trolleys you have the option for a Carbon, Titanium or Stainless Steel trolley. Of these materials Carbon and Titanium are the lightest and weigh about the same. Stainless Steel weights about 1 to 1.5 kg more depending on the trolley. So if you are looking for the lightest trolley then you have the option to choose between Carbon and Titanium.

1.3 Is titanium better then carbon?

When choosing between these two materials you can't say without a doubt the one is better then the other. Under normal conditions both materials are really strong and lightweight. What makes a difference is that carbon is less scratchresistant then titanium. And once you have scratches on the frame, which is inevitable, you can't do anything about it with carbon but with titanium you have the option to let JuCad refinish the frame. After this the frame will look as new again. The advantage of carbon on the other hand is that it is less dificult to make the trolley from which results in a lower retailprice.

1.4 What's the lifecycle of a battery?

The lifecycle of a battery is depending on the usage. For example, a golfer who plays 5 days a week will be needing a new battery sooner then a golfer who plays once a month. In most cases we see batteries back for replacement after 3 to 4 years. When you have a battery that you want to have tested please contact u by phone (+31-599-23 86 23) or [email protected]. We can test your battery and if nessecery we can replace the batterypack. By doing this, under the assumption that the electronic part of the Powerpack is ok, it will save you about €200.  

1.5 What is the capacity of the battery?

Every JuCad and JuStar battery comes with a capacity of 238 wh. Together with the JuCad electronic system this is good for up to 45 holes. Notice: every battery will loose capacity thru use so over time the number of holes the battery will run will decrease. Also external things like weight of your golfbag or conditions of the golfcourse have an effect on how many holes it will run.

1.6 Can I use my own golfbag on the trolleys?

You can use your own golfbag on every trolley we sell. Even though the Powerpack, battery pack, goes into the golfbag it is small enough to fit into every bag. But if you decide to also buy a JuCad golfbag then you have the advantage that there is a seperate pocket for the Powerpack and leaving more space for other things in your bag.

1.7 Is remote available on every trolley?

A remote is possible on every JuCad and JuStar electric trolley. The added price for the remote is €390. Even though it is possible to add a remote to your trolley later on this will cost more than from factory so please consider this before ordering.

1.8 What's the difference between JuStar and JuCad?

JuCad and JuStar are made in the same factory in Limburg an der Lahn (Germany). To get an idea of both brands you can look at the JuStar as a basic version of JuCad. Where you have a lot of different options regarding trolley models with JuCad you only have 3 options of JuStar electric trolleys and 1 manual option. And you don't have colour options. Also there is a big difference in accessoires. Under the JuStar brand you only have a couple of options. The big advantage is that all of the JuCad accessoires also fit on a JuStar. Looking at the technical part of the trolley there aren't many differences. The motors of a JuStar are about 10% less strong, but still way more then competitors, and the JuStar trolleys have a different handle with an on/off switch where JuCad trolleys have a rotary switch. 

1.9 What's the added price for colours?

When you want coloured rims, tyres of frame that is possible without additional costs. Also it is possible to add a scorecardholder with matching coloured litt. If the option you want isn't on our website then please use the configurator to send your configuration to us or leave your wishes in the commentary box on the checkout page.

1.10 How easy it it so assembly a JuCad trolley?

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